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We strive to educate the next generation on the importance of including fresh produce in their meals. That’s why our packaging helps people choose “the right potato for the job.”


We’re committed to providing you with the finest Organic produce. We have selected some of the best Organic farmers throughout North America and we work together with them to grow their crops using natural systems, and to package them in safe certified packing plants.
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We search the world for the best potatoes that this good Earth has to offer. Each new discovery is brought back to North America, where we grow the potatoes for several years, nurturing them in the climates and soils that suit them best. Finally, we have grown enough of these varieties for you to try them at home.


With less available time, you want faster options that are also fresh and healthy. These no-fuss potatoes eliminate the attention, time and mess associated with preparing a healthy, tasty side dish.
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