Action de grâces au Canada

In Canada, Thanksgiving happens on the second Monday of every October. This tradition originated with the harvest festival – a celebration in autumn meant to show appreciation for the season’s bountiful harvest. The history of this holiday dates back to 1578, when English explorer Martin Frobisher held a special meal with his crew, giving thanks […]

EarthFresh participe à SEPC Southern Innovations

We were excited to get back to Charlotte, North Carolina for this year’s Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) Southern Innovations, held at the Charlotte Convention Center from September 14 to 17, with the theme Race to Discover. SEPC doesn’t see its show as a produce event but as an experience, and it definitely was! Our EarthFresh […]

Mois d'action contre la faim

No one should have to go hungry; however, reality doesn’t reflect this sentiment. Hunger is a problem that exists not only in developing countries, but also right here.  Hunger Action Month is a reminder to us all that there are people in the world, sometimes in our own backyards, who need the kindness of an […]

5 façons de célébrer la Journée nationale de la pomme de terre

August 19 is National Potato Day – a day worth celebrating due to the many important roles these unique tubers have played in the history of the world. National Potato Day is celebrated for all the wonderful things you can use potatoes for. From potato chips to vodka, potatoes have made their mark and have […]

Rapide. Frais. Visite et concours Gourmet.™ Airstream Boom Done

Discover the next big thing at a Longo’s Market near you for the Fast. Fresh. Gourmet ™ Air Stream Boom Done Tour! Enjoy free samples and your chance to win a Yeti Prize Pack.* Meet us at a Longo’s Market near you!  Stay tuned for updates! Friday, August 18 – Monday, August 21 ➡️ Friday, […]

Recettes inspirées du pique-nique

Juillet est le mois national du pique-nique, ce qui signifie plaisir en plein air, détente et bons repas en bonne compagnie. Que vous planifiiez un pique-nique en famille dans le jardin ou que vous rejoigniez des amis pour un repas-partage dans le parc, vous devrez préparer un ou deux bons plats. EarthFresh propose les recettes parfaites inspirées des pique-niques qui rendront vos pique-niques de juillet […]