About Us

We believe in fostering a healthy lifestyle through our products, our values and employees.

At EarthFresh We:

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Develop healthy recipes and encourage a healthy lifestyle through our online activity.
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Care about children and educating them about the importance of fresh produce in their meals.

We're Committed to:

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Building a stronger, healthier community and managing our environmental impact.
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Working with the community we live in and support issues we’re passionate about.

Inspiring a Community

We believe in giving back to the community and making the world a cleaner, healthier environment. We focus our charitable contributions and efforts on organization and events that promote family, health and wellness. Our strong commitment to corporate social responsibility defines the way we do business and the role we play in our community.


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At EarthFresh, we are very concerned about the delicate eco-systems that exist in nature, and how we can change the balance within these eco-systems if we are not mindful of our effect on them at all times.

To help us adhere to industry best practices we reached out to Provision Coalition to assist us in creating a Sustainability Program for EarthFresh. Our Program, one of the first in the Produce Industry in North America, has helped us recognize our impact on all aspects of our business, from growing crops responsibly, to reducing food waste, to influencing our suppliers to follow industry best practices, and to creating new products that use sustainable packaging, and reduce our impact on our landfills throughout North America. We are proud of our Sustainability Program, and in how it has transformed us, but we also realize that improvements can always be made, and it is our responsibility to continue that pursuit.

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At EarthFresh we are also proud of the many ways that we “give back” to our communities. From helping to build community infrastructure projects like hospitals and hospices, to donating millions of pounds of food annually to those in need, EarthFresh is committed to helping improve the lives of others, both internally (our staff and their families) and externally.

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We partner with our industry to help spread the importance of fresh produce consumption