Our Story

Real Good. Real Fresh.


Our team strives to help people feed their families high-quality, fresh produce.

Established in 1963, EarthFresh is an international produce company with operations in the US and Canada. EarthFresh specializes in supplying the Retail and Food Service industries with both conventional and organic potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Vertically integrated in all aspects of the potato industry – from seed breeding, seed production and tablestock production to packing and distribution. EarthFresh is a market leader with the largest stock of exclusive potato varieties in North America.

We believe that "real" food comes from the Earth, and that in order to provide real food, we need to take care of our environment and those who live in it. EarthFresh is rooted in environmental sustainability. We know that implementing and executing sustainable practices through technological innovation, environmental impact planning, corporate safety initiatives and community relations activities will allow us to feed future generations.