Compostable Bags

Compostable Bags

100% Compostable Bag


EarthFresh 100% Certified Compostable Bags are kind to the Earth and do not leave any micro-plastics behind. The bio-based bags are made from renewable resources, including cornstarch, which will break down as potato peels do. When you bring home EarthFresh Potatoes in 100% Certified Compostable Bags, you can feel good about doing your part to reduce plastic waste and contributing to the regeneration of the Earth’s soil resources. 


How to Compost

We recommend reusing EarthFresh 100% Certified Compostable Bags to store food and other items at home and when you’re ready to compost the bag, please follow the instructions below. When composted correctly, the bags will break down, becoming compost and returning carbon back to the Earth.

Municipal Collection

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If your Municipality collects organic waste, such as a Green Bin program, you can include EarthFresh 100% Certified Compostable Bags along with your other food waste or use them as a bin liner.

Please check with your municipality and follow their guidelines.


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If municipal collection is not accessible, you may dispose of the bags along with your garbage.

Please do not include the bags EarthFresh 100% Certified Compostable Bags with your recycling. The materials are not suitable for recycling with conventional plastics.