How to honour World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day is approaching and we’d like to share some ways we all can honour the day, via The Hunger Project.

Every year, World Hunger Day falls on May 28 – created to unite a global community, amplifying voices of those facing hunger. The day is also a celebration of local communities creating tangible solutions for the sustainable end of hunger. This year, The Hunger Project is focusing on sustainability. Their campaign highlights the critical need of creating sustainable food systems, to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious and affordable food, both now and in the future.

EarthFresh is rooted in sustainability. We know that implementing and executing sustainable practices will allow us to feed future generations. Continuing to do our part matter,and we’d like to help share ways you too can make a difference this World Hunger Day to move the needle forward in making Zero Hunger a reality.

This World Hunger Day:

  1. Champion seasonally grown, locally produced food with no waste.
  2. Celebrate the incredible diversity of plant-based foods.
  3. Connect and take time to enjoy and appreciate the food we do have. Host a Sustainable Supper with loved ones and raise funds for the sustainable end of hunger!
  4. Cook in the knowledge that you will be raising money for the sustainable end of hunger for millions of people worldwide.

Want to host a Sustainable Supper, but not sure what to cook? Try one of our many recipes here using our sustainably packaged products.

Stop by for more ways you can get involved and honour World Hunger Day.