PEI Trip photo in potato field

National Farmers Day – Keisha

Farmer Feature – Keisha Rose from East Point Potatoes, PEI.

As the Digital Brand Manager at EarthFresh, I occasionally get to step out of the office and into a potato field. This summer I had the pleasure of visiting one of our packing plants, EastPoint Potatoes in PEI.

I packed up my camera, put on my boots and headed to Souris, PEI to meet Keisha Rose, one of our growers. I was welcomed with a warm dinner from the Rose Family and a tour of the Island. From the first few hours I spent with Keisha I could immediately see how knowledgeable she was in the agricultural industry.

Keisha grew up in rural Prince Edward Island, going on tractor rides with her father and grandfather. As a sixth-generation potato farmer, her roots run deep. After graduating with a business degree, she worked for the Department of Agriculture in crop insurance. After 2 years, she could no longer ignore her instincts to work on the family farm.

When I asked her about her thoughts on being a female in the agriculture industry, she said “I usually don’t think much about being a female in this industry, although people do like to point it out and I might get a few funny looks when I am going down the road in a tractor. I am very happy that I grew up in a family that allowed me to have that opportunity and if I wanted to, I was more than welcome to join the business. I know it is not the norm, but I think any female can do it as long as they are willing to learn and don’t mind getting dirty”.

Among the red soil and crisp ocean air, we talked about the natural beauty of PEI and it started a conversation about taking care of the environment. Keisha spoke about the importance of protecting the land she harvests from. Her family is always trying to make sure they are doing things sustainably to leave things like they found them.

I’d like to thank Keisha for taking the time to show me her world so I can share her story.

Lisa Pugliese, Digital Brand Manager