National nutrition month only 110 calories

National Nutrition Month

With March being National Nutrition Month, we feel it is important to remind everyone about the importance of eating food with nutritional value. Good food fuels the body and we are a proud Canadian company that offers just that – Real Food.

Potatoes are naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Potatoes offer:

• good source of vitamin B6

• potassium

• copper

• manganese

• iodine

• thiamin

• vitamin C

• niacin

• protein

• fiber

Potatoes also make an excellent choice as a pre- cooked snack or as a side dish.

Remember that potatoes are:

• low in calories

• completely fat and cholesterol free

• gluten free

• rich in healthy carbohydrates

• provides energy for your body

This March let’s celebrate the potato and all the goodness it offers!