5 Ways to Celebrate National Potato Day

August 19 is National Potato Day – a day worth celebrating due to the many important roles these unique tubers have played in the history of the world. National Potato Day is celebrated for all the wonderful things you can use potatoes for. From potato chips to vodka, potatoes have made their mark and have become a staple in everyday snacking and dining.

The spud we love is so rich in nutrients that people can go months at a time living off potatoes without having to supplement their diet with any other foods. To add, potatoes are cost-friendly and delicious, making them a favourite component in meals across the world. Read on for five ways you can celebrate National Potato Day.

  1. Incorporate potatoes in each meal. The versatility of potatoes makes them an easy main or side dish, no matter the time of day. Have some hashbrowns for breakfast. For lunch, add a side of chips. There’s nothing like a loaded baked potato for dinner. Need some inspiration? We have many recipes here to get you started.
  2. Use potatoes in a dessert. Eating potatoes doesn’t have to be limited to meals and snacks. Potatoes can also be used to make yourself a sweet treat. Try out our Chocolate Spud Bundt Cake made with EarthFresh Yellow Potatoes.
  3. Do some cleaning. With the change of seasons around the corner, a bit of end-of-the-summer cleaning may be on the to-do list. Potatoes can help as a natural glass cleaner! Use one half of a raw potato by rubbing it in a circular motion on a glass surface until it’s covered in a starchy film. Next, spray water onto the glass, and wipe it down with a towel. The results will amaze you.
  4. Get creative! Potatoes are great for arts and crafts, especially when you want to make graphic stamps. To save time, instead of carving out your shapes, you can use cookie cutters to create the shapes you want. Acrylic paints are best to give your crafts the perfect colours you need.
  5. Share this post. What better way to celebrate than by sharing a blog post about National Potato Day to help educate family and friends on the significance and versatility of potatoes?

No matter how you celebrate this day, it’s important to know that the potato is an incredibly complete food and has the potential to resolve sustainability issues. As humble and simple as the potato is, National Potato Day reminds us that the potato can be so much more.