Spring Organic Potatoes

Organic Launch

Ever wonder how organic potatoes are grown and distributed from start to finish? As we launched our organic crop program this spring, we chatted with EarthFresh’s Director of Operations, Pedro Lopez, and National Procurement Manager, JD Layton, about our organic potatoes grown in Florida and Arizona.


Potato fields

Q: What makes a potato organic?

A: Potatoes are classified as organic when the potato seeds and the fields they are grown in are not treated with any pesticides or chemicals.


Q: How long do potatoes take to grow?

A: Potatoes typically take 3 months from seed planting to harvest. Our Florida and Arizona fields are ready for harvest at the end of May.


Bunch of potatoes

Q: How large are the fields?

A: Florida has 40 acres, which is equivalent to 30 football fields, and Arizona has 120 acres, which is equivalent to 91 football fields.


Q: What variety of organic potatoes were grown and where?

A: Organic reds in Florida and organic yellows in Arizona.


Production line


Q: What’s the process once they arrive at the facility?

A: Once the potatoes are shipped from the farm to our packing facility, they are cooled, graded and sized for retail orders.



So far, the crop yield looks great, and more details about numbers will be known once harvesting begins. The demand for organic potatoes is increasing, and we see the importance of providing fresh, high-quality organic potatoes to our customers. We continue to expand offerings and year-round programs to fulfill the goal of having our organic potatoes available on retail shelves for consumers to enjoy all year long!