Hunger Action Month

No one should have to go hungry; however, reality doesn’t reflect this sentiment. Hunger is a problem that exists not only in developing countries, but also right here.  Hunger Action Month is a reminder to us all that there are people in the world, sometimes in our own backyards, who need the kindness of an open heart and hand. The world has an abundance of resources for us all to eat well and curb hunger.

Hunger Action Month happens each September as a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about hunger and inspire hearts to take action. This year, Feeding America wants us to know that every action – big or small – is one step closer to a society in which no one is hungry. Having access to nutritious foods can make a huge difference for us all.


  1. Create Awareness. Take a plate and write “On an empty stomach, I can’t ________”, then fill in the blank with a word that helps others understand the impact of going hungry. For example, your plate could read: “On an empty stomach, I can’t be active.” Hold the plate and post to social media to help build awareness.
  2. Give Back. Reach out to local food-based organizations to ask about the efforts they’re making to help bring food to the underserved in your community. Donate food to drives, or even help volunteers to deliver food.
  3. Fundraise. Start a virtual fundraiser and share the link with friends, family and your social media community. Raise money to help support local and national food banks.

Again, big or small, every effort taken to stop hunger is an effort worth making.