Mindful Eating

For many, starting the new year means starting new habits for a better way of living. These habits usually include exercising more, losing weight and eating healthier. When practiced often, mindful eating could satisfy these three resolutions and start you on the right track to developing healthier habits. But what is mindful eating?

Using your senses to experience food for both pleasure and health is mindful eating. When we eat mindfully, we can help develop a healthy relationship with food. Developing the habits necessary for mindful eating encourages proper digestion and can promote a more ideal body weight.

Better eating decisions that nourish our bodies are usually made when we slow down, become aware of how we consume our food, and appreciate the experience of eating. Great habits for eating mindfully include:

  • Sitting down and unplugging.
  • Eating slowly.
  • Chewing well.
  • Eating only when hungry.
  • Embracing all senses.
  • Adopting an attitude of gratitude.


Mindful eating isn’t about dieting – it’s a way to combat overindulgence and put a halt to mindless eating habits. What better way to start a healthier journey than by starting with EarthFresh?  We provide an array of potato options that will be sure to not only satisfy but  also provide the nutrition needed to kickstart the year!

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