Three Fun Facts About Potatoes

How much do you really know about potatoes? They can show up any time of the day at the table, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner – making potatoes one of the most diverse veggies.  In other words, potatoes are delicious! But besides being a great side, or main dish, do you really know your potato?

Check out these 3 Fun Facts about potatoes:

1. Potatoes are alive when you buy them.

Have you ever wondered why your potatoes start to sprout little buds all over? It’s because they are still alive during harvest and if they’re in a warm, moist environment, spuds will begin to sprout. Keeping them in a cool dry space will help prevent this.

2.  Sunshine can turn potatoes green.

Potatoes are plants and just like the green plants that grow above ground, potatoes can photosynthesise. Be careful not to eat green potatoes. They are bitter due to solanine and can be poisonous.

3.  There are more kinds of potatoes than you think.

There are over 1,000 varieties of potatoes in the world. In the Americas, potatoes are generally split into two categories – floury (starchy) or waxy. If you aren’t sure when or how to use certain kinds of potatoes, you can always take a look at Choosing the Right Potato, here at

So now you know – potatoes aren’t just amazing on a plate, but simply amazing!