It’s grillin’ time!

It’s the time of year to pull out your BBQ and start making one of our favourite and fun summer side dishes: BBQ potatoes. Potatoes are a delicious summer cookout option as there are so many ways to cook them on the BBQ. Most stick to the classic foil BBQ method, but there are plenty of ways to take your BBQ potatoes to the next level this summer!

*Don’t limit yourself to just a grill; try cooking potatoes over a fire for a fun camp meal!*

Cheesy foil pack potatoes over fire


Best Potatoes for a standout meal:

Yukon Gold and Russet potatoes are the best varieties for grilling. The best 3 techniques for making potatoes on the BBQ include

  1. Par-cooking the potatoes before grilling
  2. Cooking potatoes from start to finish on the grillPotatoes on Grill
  3. The classic way of wrapping the potatoes in foil and cooking them on the grill.


Dress your potatoes

There are endless ways to dress your potatoes:

  • BBQ
  • Classic olive oil and salt
  • Spicy — Paprika, red pepper flakes, etc.
  • Fresh — Lemon juice and garlic powder
  • Herbed — Olive oil, garlic and Italian seasoning


EarthFresh’s BBQ Potatoes

Here are a few of EarthFresh’s favourite BBQ potato recipes – try adding fresh spices and herbs or utilizing a new method of grilling this summer!


BBQ Grilled Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables


Looking for a quick and easy summer meal? Make dinner in a flash with this BBQ Grilled Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables recipe. This nutritious gluten-free recipe is the perfect meal or side dish for a summer day and a great way to use up leftover raw veggies.



Campfire Potato Dippers


Looking for a fun way to cook your potatoes over a campfire? Try making these delicious Campfire Potato Dippers that are for sure to be a big hit. Other alternatives for cooking these potatoes include grilling on a BBQ, oven-baking them, or even frying them.



BBQ Potatoes with Mediterranean Herb-Rubbed Steak

This BBQ steak-and-potato recipe is easy, fun and guaranteed to become a family favourite. Full of flavour, protein and nutrients, this recipe is the perfect summer meal. Load these skewers to your liking — add more vegetables if your heart desires. The Mediterranean seasoning takes this dish to the next level.