Picnic-Inspired Recipes

July is National Picnic Month, which means outdoor fun, relaxation, and good eats with great company. Whether you’re planning a family picnic in the backyard or joining friends for a potluck in the park, you’ll need to whip up a great dish or two. EarthFresh has the perfect picnic-inspired recipes that’ll make your July picnics a hit, like our Classic Picnic Potato Salad.

We’ve included some of our favourite summer recipes below to wow family and friends at your next picnic.


Roasted Herb Potato Tacos

These roasted herbed potato tacos with spiced hummus make the perfect summer lunch. Bursting with flavour, this simple recipe, made with EarthFresh Organic Yellow Baby Potatoes, will most definitely be a crowd-pleaser.


Chili & Honey Brussels Chips

Give your picnic a little kick with this EarthFresh Fast. Fresh. Gourmet.TM dish – an easy, all-in one side, perfect for any occasion.

Mashed Potato Sliders

These mashed potato sliders will be a SMASH at the next outdoor gathering. Dress them to your liking for extra flavour. Made with EarthFresh Organic Yellow Potatoes, these sliders are high in potassium and loaded with fibre.

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