Adding Potatoes to your Weekly Meal Plan

Need help improving your food choices? Or maybe your schedule is way too busy to cook every night. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, save time in the kitchen or both, creating a weekly meal plan can help. Buy yourself more time in the day by tailoring a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and food preferences. If you’re reading this, you should highly consider adding potatoes on your list of preferred things to eat.

Potatoes aren’t often thought of when considering healthier food options. So why add them to your weekly meal plan? Believe it or not, potatoes can provide fibre: potassium, and are a great source of vitamin C. Unless you load on the salt yourself, potatoes are sodium-free -not to mention, they are free of cholesterol, making them heart healthy. Preparing your spuds properly will determine how much you’ll benefit from them.

Check out a few of our easy and healthy recipes below to give you peace of mind when planning your meals for the week.

Thai Potato Salad 

Get inspired with this delicious, fresh recipe using our Fast. Fresh. Gourmet™ Thai Green Curry Potatoes. Add it to your meal as a low-calorie side dish.




One-Pan Chili Lime Chicken and Potatoes

This one-pan chili lime chicken and potatoes recipe is a perfect and easy meal to make on a busy night.




BBQ Grilled Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Make dinner in a flash with this BBQ grilled potatoes and mixed vegetables recipe.




Don’t forget our Fast. Fresh. Gourmet ™ products – easy all-in-one side dishes for any day of the week.  More of our recipes can be found here to add to your weekly meal plan.